The 2012 Soul of Athens Team

Often called the Swing State, Ohio is traditionally key in determining the outcome of presidential elections. If a candidate wishes to win over the nation, it is vital to win over Ohio.

What issues affect our state and how will they impact our vote? What changes do we want to see? What do we hold dear? In an election year, it is important to recognize what matters.

Soul of Athens is an online multimedia project, which seeks to explore the Southeast Ohio region through in-depth reporting and technological innovation. What began in Ohio University’s School of Visual Communication in 2007 has exploded into a collaborative endeavor between students of many paths, expanding to include E. W. Scripps School of Journalism and the School of Media Arts and Studies.

Over the course of ten weeks, the organization takes shape and produces content. The website is built and filled. Code and copy are written, pictures are taken, and stories are told. Different backgrounds and processes come together in pursuit of a common vision.

While the focus of Soul of Athens centers on Southeast Ohio, these issues do not halt at county borders, nor do they hesitate to cross state lines.  What matters in Ohio matters in the rest of the country. These issues will gain momentum until the moment the polls close.

Ohio is more than just a swing state to be swayed with political rhetoric. Ohio is its people, and its people are its soul.

Ohio is our home; we have a voice, and we have a vote.

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