Soul of Athens 2012 presents
swing state (n.)

a state that is crucial in determining the outcome of a presidential election.

see also: battleground state, purple state

In this election year, we have the chance to examine the issues and policies that will shape the future of Southeast Ohio and the country, an opportunity to determine what’s at stake. These trying economic times have deeply affected our community, leaving many making difficult decisions about the way they live. As new industries bring the promise of prosperity, we must now choose how we value the land that is our life’s blood. We must find balance between the fertile soil above and the richness beneath the ground. Questions about health care

also need to be answered, including the hidden costs of war and our access to a lifestyle that promotes well-being. This as we debate just what the founding fathers meant by unalienable rights. All of these issues may be strongly tied to one idea, the economy, health care, land use, or liberties, but many do not fit neatly into categories. They are intertwined with each other, touching the different facets of our lives. In November, ballots will be cast, deciding key issues and policies for your home. Your vote represents your voice, a voice that must be heard.

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